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A New Kind of Humidors

Are You Tired of Dry, Tasteless, and Weak Herb?

From the moment its harvested — the bud degradation clock begins.

From a loss in flavor to reduced potency, improper moisture content during storage is the leading cause of ruined flowers.

Why You Need a Humboldt Humidor

Luckily for you, a safe haven  exists — Humboldt Humidors.

Humboldt Humidors is the leading brand that offers a humidity-controlled box specifically designed for CBD. Humboldt Humidors is the preferred tool for connoisseurs, from increased terpene retention to elevated potency.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to stale marijuana and hello to top-shelf flowers that offer silky-smooth smoke — Humboldt Humidors is the best option.

humboldt humidors

What are Humboldt Humidors?

Humboldt Humidors are humidity-controllable boxes that lockout excess air and moisture to create the perfect environment for flowers.

 Humboldt Humidors are crafted with one simple goal in mind: allow you to properly store flowers so you can enjoy  longer.

Each Humboldt Humidor is constructed out of high-quality mahogany and includes 12 (4oz) jars, 12 natural bamboo lids, a removable curing grid, durable lock and key set, stickers for proper labeling, and a built-in hygrometer.