Humboldt Humidor storms the Colorado Cannabis Industry as “The Cure for the Connoisseur”.

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Press Release –Innovative CBD solutions providers, Humboldt Humidor, set to chart a new course in the Colorado Cannabis market, signing over 40 dispensaries in the first month

The pursuit of Humboldt Humidor to create a unique experience for CBD enthusiasts seems to be yielding the desired fruits as the company has signed over 40 dispensaries in the first month alone. Described as the ultimate in storing, curing and securing cannabis and CBD, The Cure for the Connoisseur has practically taken the Colorado Cannabis industry by storm due to the unique features and functionalities of the product.

The global CBD industry has evolved over the years, with a plethora of service providers and other stakeholders emerging to meet the needs of consumers. A recent report published by Grand View Research put the size of the global cannabidiol (CBD) market size at $2.19 billion in 2019. Experts have also projected the market size to hit $39.99 billion by 2027, driven by the increasing acceptance of refined CBD products as well as the growing legalization of marijuana and marijuana-derived products for various medical applications. One of the major challenges faced by millions of people across the globe is storing their CBD products, with many of the available storage solutions not meeting the needs of users. However, Humboldt Humidor seems to have mastered the art of delivering the best of both worlds to customers, as substantiated by the feats achieved in Colorado in a relatively short while.

Colorado remains one of the biggest CBD markets in the United States, with a plethora of solutions providers delivering products to customers. However, Humboldt Humidor is undoubtedly taking the experience to a whole new level by helping consumers preserve the eiciency and taste of their cannabis and CBD.

Unlike other storage products, Humboldt Humidor comes with a compact design, combined with a touch of style and class to make it a collector’s item. The Cure for the Connoisseur is already breaking grounds in the Colorado Cannabis industry, with other areas where the use of CBD is legalized also set to enjoy the ultimate product for storing, curing and securing cannabis and CBD.

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