For any cigar aficionado, the humidor is not just a storage box, but a guardian of flavors, a preserver of quality, and a statement of elegance. The right humidor can elevate your cigar experience, preserving the optimal humidity and temperature to keep your prized cigars in prime condition. But with myriad options on the market - from desktop humidors to custom-made ones - how do you choose the perfect home for your cigars? In this blog post, we dive into the world of cigar humidors, exploring their various types, their influence on cigar flavors, and what to look for when choosing a quality humidor.

Enhancing Cigar Flavors with Custom Made Humidors

While all humidors serve the fundamental purpose of storing cigars, a custom made humidor offers an unparalleled advantage - the enhancement of cigar flavors. Here's how:

1. Proper Humidity and Temperature Control: Custom-made humidors are meticulously crafted to maintain the optimal 70% humidity and 70°F temperature - the golden rule for cigar storage. This ensures your cigars stay fresh, aromatic, and full of flavor.

2. Quality Materials and Craftsmanship: The choice of wood in a custom made humidor plays a crucial role in preserving and enhancing cigar flavors. Spanish cedar, known for its moisture-retaining capabilities and pleasant aroma, is a popular choice. The craftsmanship also matters; a well-constructed humidor ensures a tight seal, preventing moisture escape.

Choosing a Quality Humidor

So, how do you pick a quality humidor that will not just store but also enhance your cigar collection? Here are a few key factors to consider:

1. Size and Capacity: Consider your current collection and future expansions. Your humidor should be large enough to store your cigars without crowding them.

2. Seal and Insulation: A good humidor should close tightly to maintain a stable interior environment. High-quality insulation helps keep external temperature fluctuations at bay.

3. Hygrometer and Humidification System: The hygrometer measures humidity levels while the humidification system controls it. Both need to be of top-notch quality for optimal preservation.

Remember, a quality humidor is an investment that pays off in the longevity and enhanced flavors of your cigars.


In the world of cigars, a humidor is more than just a storage solution. It's an essential tool that preserves your cigars' quality, protects your investment, and enhances your overall smoking experience. A custom made humidor, crafted with precision, tailored to your needs, and made from quality materials, is a worthy addition to any cigar enthusiast's collection. It not only offers superior preservation but also adds an element of personal style and elegance to your cigar journey. Ready to explore the world of custom-made humidors? Visit our humidor collection and discover the perfect home for your cigars.