Agricultural technology is helping growers perfect a myriad of processes to improve quality, yields, and potency of their cannabis crops. During the growing processes, advanced lighting systems help enhance cannabinoid and terpene production, but building potency doesn’t end there. Another key element is to simplify the critical and difficult process of curing cannabis.

What is Curing?

After cannabis has been harvested and hung to dry, quality cannabis requires a slower, more controlled drying process to bring out a superior cannabinoid profile. Curing allows bacteria to break down the chlorophyll in the plant material. Chlorophyll contributes to a harsh smoking experience. In addition, when a plant is harvested, the process of producing cannabinoids doesn’t just cease immediately, it continues until all the water is dried from the plant. Therefore, the grower’s climate and ability to control the environment can affect the overall quality of the end-product. If conditions are too moist, the product can grow mold and rot, while if the conditions are too dry, the material dries too quickly and prevents full cannabinoid expression. With the curing process being difficult to manage, cultivation facilities, and even some home growers are starting to look to technology to make the process easier. Fortunately, two companies have emerged to help simplify the art of curing cannabis.