The Importance of Curing Herbs
When it comes to the quality of CBD — nothing is more important than the curing process. Similar to wine, flowers continue to age after the drying process. Therefore, the curing process has significant effects. Below, we’re going to outline all the essential details about curing CBD flowers. From terpene retention to overall bag appeal, you’ll soon discover why curing is of the utmost importance

What is the Curing Process?

Once flowers are harvested, cultivators begin the drying stage. 
Once flowers are relatively dry, they must undergo a fine-tuning stage called curing. 
There are three main goals that the curing process achieves:
  • Maintain ideal moisture content within the buds
  • Reduce unwanted substances (sugar and chlorophyll) 
  • Increase cannabinoid retention 
Alternatively, here are the effects of improperly cured CBD:
  • Flowers are brittle and dry
  • Produce a harsh taste when smoked
  • Loss of potency and aroma
As you can see — uncured flower is the bone of all connoisseurs. If you’re ready to leave tasteless and unappealing taste behind, it’s time to learn about the three goals of curing.

Optimized Moisture

One of the most important aspects of the curing process is ensuring optimal moisture content.

During the initial drying stage, flowers lose the vast majority (~75%) of their internal moisture. However, it’s during the curing process that stops moisture loss in its tracks.

By preserving moisture, connoisseurs and cultivators improve overall bag appeal, smokability, cannabinoid retention, and a decreased potential for bacterial growth.

Reduce Sugar and Chlorophyll

Another key aspect of the curing process is reducing unwanted substances’ concentration.

Primarily, sugar and chlorophyll are two substances that must be removed during the curing stage. If you do not correctly cure CBD, sugar allows for a breeding frenzy of enzymes and bacteria.

Additionally, improperly cured CBD does not remove excess chlorophyll, which produces a hay-like taste during consumption..
Therefore, curing sheds sugar and chlorophyll content so consumers can enjoy every puff.

Increase Terpene and Cannabinoid Retention

Possibly the most important result of properly cured flowers is increased terpene and cannabinoid retention.

By maintaining an adequate humidity level (55-65% RH), unwanted substances dissipate while terpene and cannabinoid retention increases. 

 In other words, mouth-watering terpenes are retained, thus increasing the aromatic and flavorful appeal. Additionally, cannabinoids, are retained, resulting in more potent and long-lasting effects

What is the Best Tool for Curing CBD Flowers?

Now that you understand the importance of curing herb— let’s talk about the best tool for curing and long-term storage. 

 Nothing beats the humidor when it comes to moisture controllable and airtight tools. Initially used for maintaining the optimal moisture level for cigars, humidors are a time-tested and perfect option for connoisseurs.
Humboldt Humidors offers a wide range of humidors specifically designed to cure CBD flower over the long term. From high-quality craftsmanship to top-rated materials that keep herbs in the optimal moisture range, Humboldt Humidor’s products are the all-in-one solution for curing CBD.
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